Here we are! Dad Sepp, mum Flora with Petra and Daniel. We are your hosts at the FLORA. Our goal is to create a personalized holiday for every guest. We are your holiday specialists:

Sepp knows the Dolomites inside out and knows the peaks with the most spectacular view.
Flora is the soul of the house: She checks everything and manages each department.
Petra is the youngest and most creative of the Grubers and you always find her in the right place at the right moment when you need her.
Daniel is the king of the kitchen. Our culinary genius, whose aim is to delight our guests with superfine creations.

Our passions
To know, to discover, and to feel South Tyrol in all its facets. Hiking. Skiing. Exploring new secret places in the surroundings. To inspire our guests.

What does us give the power?
The happiness of our guests, their enthusiasm, their joy when they tell us about their holiday experiences!

Most of all, it is important to us that you spend light-hearted holidays full of regeneration, culinary delights, and unforgettable moments in close contact with nature.

And this is our common aim for you: A collection of exciting experiences for body, soul, and spirit.

Now you know the Grubers. And now we would be glad to make your acquaintance.